15 September, 2005

My Exorcism ~ The Beginning

"A forensic investigator?  Working with dead people? You?"

It's true.  I did this.

Upon discovering this, many people have said to me: "You really should write a book about it!”  After leaving the field, my standard response became: "Yeah, you know what? I really should.” 

As is human nature, words and actions often fail to intersect, and I spouted this well-intentioned yet dismissive response for years.  But I did think about it.  

Although writing has been a passion since I can remember, it took a long time for me to truly want to apply my stories from the forensic world to a literary medium. I discussed some industry details in a local newspaper and television interview in August, 2004, and through this learned that while I do pretty well in print, I’m appallingly bad on television. Still, this sparked a chain of important events in my life, and prompted me to finally do more than think about cataloging my venture into death investigation. 

I am finally writing about this. While I am using real cases (they are public record), I am divulging personal details about myself, former colleagues, and experiences that are often subjective. For that reason, I am protecting and even omitting some names.  The accounts are as scientifically factual as I can make them, but they are told from my point of view and include my interpretations of and reactions to each situation. 

The public arena will hopefully keep me accountable enough to continue this endeavor. For those readers who find graphic accounts of death or loss upsetting, I do not recommend reading this blog.  My hope is that anyone who does read these memoirs finds them interesting and meaningful, however, they are ultimately for me.  The memories are ingrained in me.  The experiences have shaped me.  I cannot fathom who I might be without this in my past.  All that said, sometimes even the most profound experiences can leave traces that must be cleansed. 

This is my exorcism. 

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